Gif export - colours grainy

Happy to be here.
I've been working with Hype for a while now, but for some time now I've had a recurring problem when exporting as gif. When I export my document as a gif, most of the colours are grainy afterwards and not rendered properly.
Are there any new settings I need to make? This is my document:


GIF's are only allowed 216 colors, so you're not going to be able to get lossless exports from Hype using that format.

You may want to try GIFSKI -- drop a MP4 video exported from Hype and you may get more colors in the resulting GIF.

But this results in a 14MB GIF image which is not really ideal for distributing on the web...

Hi Daniel

Thank you for your reply. But I had never problems with the export like this. So should I import several images with a lower color. Up to 10 would be ok. It's for a newsletter.

So I try it again

thanks a lot