Gif Animation question

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I am looking to include a gif within a particular scene. The result I am looking to achieve is for the gif to be able to be controlled so when it reaches the end of its animation it pauses. I have seen the method of importing the individual images, however I have experienced a few issues with this so its unfortunately not a reliable enough solution.

I have since found “libgif-js” linked below and hoped that it would be possible to include it within the Hype document. I am unsure how to combine this within the document so any help towards achieving a result would be greatly appreciated.


It’s definitely possible to use that library in Hype, but this sounds like more a property of the Gif than something you need an external JS library for. If you edit the GIF, you would turn off looping so it would only play once (this sets the gif to stop at its last frame). is a free tool for editing Gifs.

This thread might be helpful as well:

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Thanks Daniel, I have now created a new version of the gif which has looping turned off and it all seems to be working!

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