Getting up there


They killed top grossing on mojave (oddly), but you we’re doing better on that ranking:

Not quite the v1.0 heyday where we got to #1 top grossing on the entire store for nearly a week, but back then Hype was only on the Mac App Store and practically no other apps were :smiley:.



You’re going the wrong way.

I consider this a marketing emergency. Get the word out there. Hype 4 is too good to be lost in the sea of the app store.

Although, considering how there’s a two week free trial, the sales might not start rolling in until late June.

Do the country App Stores show different ratings and reviews ??

This is the one I did the other day, and still not changed since

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I guess so. It’s not even in the top 10 here (Netherlands) and with not enough ratings to display a summary. :frowning:

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Yes, they do. Hype is back at #7 in the US.

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