Getting Timeline to Play in Hype & exporting


I’m new here, I’ve used Edge in the past and after having a go with Hype (it seemingly has some handy features!) and I really need some help, please.

Anyway I’m running the trial pro version and I have 2 queries, please. I’ve watched the tutorials but I have a little kid and haven’t done these for a while and could use some help as I’m going around in circles.

I’m trying to make an html5 web banner (thats what i did with Edge) I have everything on one timeline & if I preview it, it does all (but open in new window when I click it!) but in Hype the timeline won’t play although if I drag the slider it’ll show whats what. Is that correct?

Also - I can’t seem to export it as it should export - is this a limitation of trial version or is it something I’m doing (probably the latter! although hoping its the first!).

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, in advance!


Hi Sarah,

During the trial everything should be fully functional. If you open a “pro” version in the standard edition then you can see the pro features but not save them. This as far as I’m aware is the only limitation.

There might be an issue there when you mention the timeline slider won’t play. There have been a bug or 2 in the past that has interfered with the timeline slider whilst working on a project. Sometimes the timeline play back would freeze when using the space bar to play it. This could be remedied by using your mouse and the buttons to control and normally spacebar will work fine again. Is this what you’re experiencing?

Normally we would mention uploading a document so that we can look at it in action so to speak. Is this possible? it’s just a case of right (control) clicking the document and compressing it and then dragging it into the area (here) where you type a reply.

Another option is to use the menu function in Hype. Help>Report an issue… and this will send a report to the team who can look at it.

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So sorry for the delay (ill kids) thanks so much for your reply, really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Yeah I just can’t see what I can’t export it. I’ve reverted to Edge for this one, as I needed to get on with it. I’m going to try one last time (with a non-live item) and also I might just purchase the full version so I can be sure that’s not responsible for my issues.

Thanks so much!

If you can zip the actual document and post it (or PM myself) I can check what’s going on. Alternatively, if you use the Help>Report an Issue as mentioned before, the team can look at it also to see if there are any bugs and exactly what’s going on. I appreciate you’ve reverted back to Edge for this one but it would be good to iron out any particular bugs if it is one even though it’s a demo version. :wink:

Hi there,

I’m pretty certain its either me or the demo version, but more likely me!

I’ve attached it as a zip, any help is hugely appreciated. thank you so much - you are a superstar! (516.3 KB)

I can open, play timeline and export the document so it may be the version you have. I’ll let @jonathan or @Daniel maybe have a look and see if there is any more investigating that can be done. I would definitely do the Help>Report an issue… within Hype as this will send more info to them to help see what the problem is.

That being said … I see no Click actions to open anything in a new window. I mean I see some actions but no url’s or no code, therefore nothing will open. You have to include a URL for the Go to URL… action to work. e.g


or you can Run a function


to add specific code for a particular platform like DCM or DFP but there are also other options in Hype to add clicktag url’s etc if needed using advance techniques and exports.


Yes I’ve not added in the open in new window yet - this is the point I ditched it as I couldn’t get it to play or export to check it.

Thanks very much for letting me know that it does play your end, I’ll report it as you suggest.

Thank you so much!


Thanks for the instructions on how to add though, really useful!!! :smile:

Hey Sesa,

There were a couple places where you had a timeline action with no actions setup (it was running the action ‘none’) which I removed. I’ve reattached your document – hope this works as expected for ya: (558.7 KB)

Also if you need more time on your trial let me know :slight_smile:

Would this cause the timeline playback to freeze or act unexpectedly as per the original post? :slight_smile:

As the OP has said she abandoned using Hype when these behaviours happened. I have said to send a report in app and you could possibly see if there are any probs.

@sesa147 something I didn’t mention previously is that if you save and close the document you’re experiencing the troubles with then re-open sometimes those problems go away. For example, I often get a can’t save or export a document I’m working on after some time (and it’s also very random) but I just force quit and re-open and I’m back on track.

I wasn’t able to reproduce any freezing, but there was an issue (which I thought was resolved) where this would happen with empty timeline actions.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks v much, I would take a look but my trial has indeed expired.

Is it possible to get more time on my trial as you suggest? Is it as simple as removing everything and then re-downloading?

Thanks v much.


Thanks for the heads up on export, I’ll revisit this all soon and give that a go!

thanks very much!


I’ve sent you a PM.

Amazing stuff - thank you so much, I really appreciate it!