Getting the workflow right

New to Hype 3 and not sure of the correct workflow. I have Adobe CC so I can use Illustrator, XD, or Indesign to create SVG. I noticed talk about auto-updating of files from Illustrator. I only have a best guess about how this should work. Really don’t want to buy Sketch unless I have to.

My guess is to create a folder and save a .hype file and a folder within it “assets” and save all files from illustrator in it.


Found it

Updating Resources

Every time a file-based resource is added to a Tumult Hype document, Tumult Hype stores a copy of the file in the document and also keeps a link to the original file. Whenever the original file is modified, Tumult Hype automatically prompts to see if the copy stored in the current Tumult Hype document should be updated to match the original file outside of Tumult Hype. Clicking the Refresh button manually updates the file. Sometimes the connection between the original files and Tumult Hype’s copy is broken; this often happens when the Tumult Hype document is moved to a different computer, or if the original source file is saved under a different name. Should this happen, Tumult Hype displays a Choose dialog so you can find the original file, restore the connection, and update the current Tumult Hype document’s copy of the file.

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