Getting .mp4 to play on another timeline

Imported video will play on Main Timeline, but not on a created timeline. I’m trying to control stop and start of movie with buttons.

Hi Cordes,

To control start and stop of the MP4 video you will need to use javascript. (785.0 KB)

Here is a template to show you the method


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Thank you! That is perfect. The example file is above and beyond expected.


After digging deeper into this, I’m still not able to stop the Main Timeline at a specific point. The movie plays through any action set on the Main Timeline.

You will have to manipulate the timeline using Javascript in order to sync the timeline and video / movie.

What do you want to do exactly?


Right, as of now the Timeline Actions are being ignored when the Main Timeline contains a movie. Example: Action: Pause Timeline, Timeline: Main Timeline, set at 00:03.00. Your Javascript works perfectly enabling the user control the start/stop, but I haven’t solved the movie stopping at specific point. Example: Movie plays for 3 sec. then stops (internal function). The user then has to hit “continue” to start the movie again. This continues until the end of the movie.

You’ll need to run @DBear’s JavaScript functions as timeline actions if you’d like to control the video alongside a timeline. The thumbnails in the main timeline which appear when you drag a video into your scene will only be 1-to-1 if your video and timeline start exactly at the same time, which is a bit tricky to do unless your video has already been played and is cached in memory.

This thread demonstrates how to sync videos to animations: Sync animations to Video & Audio

Hope that helps!

Thanks Daniel,

That should do it. Much appreciated.

Hi Cordes

Looks like Daniel’s helped you out there.

Here is a document I was working some while ago when designing a sort of quiz. It doesn’t really make sense (question wise) as they are just there for reference. But, it shows a lot of the code that is used to manipulate the video, etc

Maybe you’ll find it useful (418.7 KB)

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Sorry for the delay DBear. Thank you for the example. It’s time to jump into coding to really make this work.