Getting a Forum iOS App

(Mark Hunte) #1

Hi @Daniel,

I was looking over the Discourse forum to see if they did an IOS App to allow users to get Notifications, and interaction with a given forum site. Similar to the wordpress and Stackoverflow apps.

There seems to be other asking for this

And I wondered if you could also ask them on behalf of this site, which may go towards the number of requests influencing them making one.



Good idea! Thanks – I replied to that thread.

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Nice one mate.

(Freelancer) #4

in another forum I used Tapatalk
If the forum is compatibile the app works very well. if not you can still read the feed

(Mark Hunte) #5

Thanks Michel,

This does not look like it would do push Notifications?
Personally I try to only use apps by the same company rather than give out login details to third party apps.


Discourse has a nice API, so my understanding is that you could create an app that creates a wrapper around the website, with some bonus native features like push notifications. So the login / password info would only be sent to our servers.


Looks like an app was released:

Also, the forums have been updated to 1.7.

Thanks @DHSupport!

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Thanks mate,

Just using now…

For anyone else who wants to use it they will need to enter the full forum web address.

Thanks again