Get ToneDen Soundcloud player to work in Hype

Hey Everyone!

I just stumbled on this awesome soundcloud player that I’d like to use in my project:

However can’t see how to integrate it into my project. Ideally I’d like to host the player on my server rather than TonDen.

Any ideas on how to get this up and running in Hype?



Hi @lriley3

If you don’t use the toneden server you will have issues regarding authorisation.

Hi DBear,

Dang! Thanks for the caution. Any ideas on how I can get it working using their server?

I tried using the html embed but I’m not hearing any sounds. I followed the directions and got a soundcloud consumer key…but still nothing.



I got it partially working by placing the code in a rectangle and giving the rectangle an id of player

But I get a Warning in the console.

Warning: Unknown DOM property data-className. Did you mean data-classname?

This is in the toneden.js so I cannot fix it.
This property warning will stop the controls showing.

I can start the music by scrubbing along the track progress bar but that is not what we really want. You may want to contact the developer and ask for some advice.


that means '6788138fc9d0156ae3c566380hj192f7'



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Thanks for looking into that mark. I’ll see if the developer can help.

so I just realized it’s open sourced on github (

Do you think this could help make it work?


Possibly if someone has the time to download it, figure how it is written, figure out the problem, test and compile a new version… :slightly_smiling_face:

so you’re saying you don’t have the time? :smile:

If it was me I would just use the soundcloud API and create the player in Hype :smile:

The following is a post about using the soundcloud API within hype. You could use some of these techniques to design and use your own player within Hype. If I’m feeling nice I might even make one myself. :slight_smile:

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Correct. :smile:

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Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the disappearance, I’m just getting back into a country with wifi! So I took a close look at the Toneden API…only to realize that I am way out of my league trying to get this to work! Then I looked at the Soundcloud API and was running into all sorts of issues with it.

So I ultimately settled on just using the iframe embed and put it into a rectangle element so it wouldn’t scroll. (you can check it out here at

Thanks for the ideas and advice!


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Looks good.