Get Hype to write to an XML file

Looking to run reporting and link to another server but network will not allow for MySql or PHP for security reasons so looking to be able to generate an XML file through hype and direct the other server to that file

so my question is how do I make it so when a button is pressed or a point in the timeline is reached capture that and write it to an XML file,

im not sure this is even possible with out something server side but thought id ask.

Thanks in advanced

The ability to create and write files (and make it available to another server) is something that you would need some server-side language to do. You can have a client side (static html + JS) create an XML file for download to a browser, but to push it to a server requires some PHP (or similar server language) unfortunately.

currently looking into ASP.Net for this do you have any experience of pairing ASP.Net with Hype?

I haven't used ASP.NET in a long time, but it is one of many fine choices for a backend technology. Hype documents are agnostic to your backend choice, since you will use the same communication method to whatever server you need.