Get error from doublecklick about (VIDEO_INVALID_VENDOR)


Need som help with this error we get from from doubleclick about (VIDEO_INVALID_VENDOR)
anybody know anything about it?

“If your ad is disapproved because of a fourth-party call to an unapproved video technology vendor, correct by removing calls made to unapproved video technology vendors, and resubmit the ad. Alternatively, you can request certification for an unapproved video technology vendor.”

Are you embedding any video? If so, to what service?

This page lists what to do if you get that error:

Which leads to a list of approved vendors:

No video! just timeline animation in timeline (189.6 KB)

is it something in the JS files that triggering this error?

Very odd – not seeing any external calls at all in your document. The only thing I can imagine might be happening is that it is getting caught up on the errata in the SVG files you have.

Can you replace these SVGs with what you have? (3.9 KB). Ran them through SVGOMG, which removes unnecessary code from SVGs and cleans them up:

Or try using regular PNGs instead of SVGs?

This restriction may be a malware protection.

I just gave this a try in doubleclick studio, but it complained about the “img2-1.jpg” file for me saying it is invalid (oddly). Do you mind providing instructions on how you’re uploading and where you see your error? Thanks!