Genie effect or similar


(Joao Ribeiro) #1

Hi folks,

I am following some animation topics and is there a way to create an animation similar to the genie effect like the ones we have in Mac OS?
I am not sure if I can do it because it kind of distort the object.
Maybe frame by frame?
Any thoughts?


(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Not really; there’s no distortion mapping capabilities in Hype that would be required to do this as HTML5/CSS3 does not provide for this ability. Technologically, it could be hacked together by slicing up an image or one could use a <canvas> with their own rendering code. Frame-by-frame would really only work if you pre-rendered (or used a movie for that matter). Hype v4 does have shape morphing that might give some results for just the shape, but won’t distort a background image to fit the shape.

There’s some discussion and it looks like attempts on this Stack Overflow answer.

(Joao Ribeiro) #3

Thanks. I had the feeling it was not possible.