Generating white space between different layouts


I generate different layouts but when I resize the window to see the different layouts is a white space around my background image. The image is set to the size of the layout in with and height. Any of you knows why this is happening of if there is a way to avoid the white spaces ?

In the video on this page the background image is a lot bigger then layout.

That is the recommend image size for a background ?

It is a little hard to tell from the screenshot (there’s not much context), so you’re welcome to post a zip of your .hype document.

My guess would be that you have multiple Responsive Layouts, but there’s no flexibility enabled that would have elements like your background stretch to resize between the sizes. Please see the flexible layout portion of the documentation:

You would want to enable this, and then turn on the scale pins in the metrics inspector. You can also change the scaling behavior to preserve the aspect ratio, which is often useful for backgrounds. You would probably want to choose Expand to Fill that way it will always exceed the window size.

The What’s new In Hype 2.5 video’s first section also has a basic intro to flexible layout, including doing a background like this.

This just happened to be the asset size, being bigger than the scene has no effect.