Gears logic puzzle/game (but with Hype, because... why not?)

This app will be the death of me - it's called Gears Logic Puzzle and it is deceptively addictive. I have lost ENTIRE WEEKS of time playing it :joy: :rofl:

The basic objective is to create a spinning gear train but there are added obstacles like introducing gravity, non-spinning (jammed) gears which you must avoid, as well as gears that only spin in one direction.

Like so many times before, the first thing to pop into my head was "This could totally be rebuilt in Hype!!!" So that's my next project!

Any ideas or suggestions for where to get started or any JS libraries that might help? I'd love to use this as a learning project to improve my coding skills, (and of course share my source files for anyone who wants to contribute :heart:)


I don't know about later levels, but I suspect the screenshot could be built in about 20 lines of code without any libraries ;). [redacted hint]

Dynamically generating levels would take a little bit more, but I can think of some ways to keep that simple too. [redacted hint]

It is probably more fun to not share my solution and let you figure it out yourself though :slight_smile:. Main point: I definitely think there are easy ways to build a game integrated into Hype - so I hope that is motivating!


very well good Sir. Time for a trip down the github rabbit hole :rofl:

I probably should take a pinch of that wisdom more often… So, true… Oversharing does probably take the oxygen and fun out the room (forum)! Although, I try to follow my own interests… sometimes an interesting idea comes along, inspiring me to give it a shot. Might feel like I am taking over an idea but it is certainly not my intention.


@MaxZieb I will say this - your work on these forums (like the extensions and sample files) have played a huge role in inspiring me to create countless projects. I'll see an extension you've posted and my brain immediately says "how can I utilize this in what I'm working on now", and most of the time I find a way to do so. Regardless, each time I visit the forums I learn new things, which I love, so thank you.


Thank you. Very uplifting and kind words. Much appreciated.

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I think a lot of folks come here because they may be missing information/knowledge and want to get something done, and those answers I know are extremely appreciated. I don't have the full stats but also for every single person you give an answer to, you're probably really giving an answer to 50 more that read the forum post later.

In this particular case it sounds like the programming is meant to be for fun.... and as I was writing a response with some solution ideas I realized I too was having fun. If I provided them I'd be depriving that to @lovetobuildstuff.

In this case I would definitely say from a Hype perspective you can just use an On Drag handler for elements, and then run code to see if the user arrived at a solution in checking the event['hypeGesturePhase'] to see if it is hypeDocument.kHypeGesturePhaseEnd. I really don't think any other libraries will be required and would challenge you develop your own solution algorithm :wink:.


a hittest for circles may come in handy :slight_smile:hitTest for circles