Game widget for website

I would like to create a children’s game in hype and add the game widget to my website. I want the game to be playable. Is this possible?

I have used the Hype plugin to create a flip page sneak peek for my children’s books but would like to add “fun” stuff to make it more interesting.

Thanks for any help.


It's possible to create games with Hype...

...but it usually involves adding some custom JavaScript.

Did you have an idea on what the games would be?

I almost wrote ‘anything’ is possible with Hype :smile: but quite a lot is more appropriate.

Yes, yes you can. Without coding one of the things you could do is create a ‘find certain items in this image’ game. A big picture with smaller clickable area’s, that once clicked moves a timeline forward that can invoke an action from playing a sound to creating a ‘pop-up’. From there you can steer other timelines like a (simple) scoreboard and when all items have been found (reaching the end of say your scoreboard timeline) you can overlay an animation with stars and fireworks.

This would probably easier if you can code but it is also very well doable just with timelines and using some simple logic. :grinning:

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No, but something simple as it is for primary age children. Maybe a maze or jigsaw puzzles. Is this possible? If so is there a video to explain?


@h_classen provide good stuff
drawing-canvas and Memory

It is possible to create a jigsaw puzzle. A Hype template is now available...