Gallery's images not showing

(andrea galli) #1

Hi everyone,
I’m having some problem with a swiping gallery that I’ve created for the mobile version of a web site.
Once I uploaded the project, when I select the gallery from the menu the images are not showing up…here is the url of the web site:

while if I put the folders of the project in a subfolder (that I usually use for tests) everything is working fine:

also with Hype Reflect I get the correct behavior…what am I missing?

Thanks in advance

(Mark Hunte) #2

The problem looks like in your responsive layouts the images you are pointing to do not exists.

Seems you are trying to point to the optimised images ‘_x2.jpg’

Without seeing the project all I can suggest is either turn the optimisation off for the images and just use the actual ones you have placed in the project or make sure they exist…

(andrea galli) #3

Thanks for the answer Mark, I found out that the exported folder of the project does not contain all the images of the gallery…even if I turn off the optimisation as you suggested!!
As a workaround I copied the missing images into the folder “hyperesources” and now it works, but using the original files without optimization takes a long a time to load the page…

Is there a reason of this “missing files” after the exporting?

here is my project