Galileo's Celestial Calendar

This is a digital adaptation of Galileo’s Celestial Calendar. Four planetary dials plot the movements of the inner solar system. Additionally I added a view of the moon’s current phase as well as a daylight map and inclination of the sun according to the time of year.

Designed in Adobe Illustrator, authored in Tumult Hype Pro (beta), and brought to life with JavaScript.

I also need to give a BIG THANK YOU! to @MaxZieb for his customBehaviourTicker Hype Extensions which powers this clock (and many of my other projects) flawlessly!!!


This is seriously impressive!

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I do not know if this is a finished project or not - but it would be great to allow the clicking of a date on the calendar to see the changes.


@JimScott You read my mind - I have part of that code in place but I’m still tinkering with it. I’ll repost once I have it working! :smile:


Thank you!

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