Gag for iPad fails

I made a little joke for the readers of a small interactive newspaper sent as pdf. The language used is the so-called Nedersaksisch and is only spoken in a part of our country.
I made it especially for a tablet like the iPad.
Unfortunately there is a bug in it somewhere. Sometimes the used movie starts too slow and on some iPads it doesn’t work at all. Is it possible to fix this in avoidable way, because I’m not a programmer?
Thank you very much.

I took a look at the page, and when placed in a small window (or portrait mode on my iPad Pro) I was able to run the site and view the toilet paper video that I presume is the problem. I could not reproduce it never appearing, but it definitely wasn’t too fast of a load.

The download starts instantaneously, but 4 MB from the Netherlands to the US probably will cause delays.

I’d say there’s a few things you can try to optimize the video:

a. more aggressively compress so it is smaller
b. See if there are any internet optimization flags that you can enable
c. Use a .gif instead?

This site talks a bit about the faststart flag that could potentially be placed on the video. I’m not a codec/compression expert but you may want to start there if you haven’t done this. There’s probably other articles online that can give video tips.

The site referenced also talks about streaming/partial download support. It appears your server is already doing this. Looking at the Web Inspector, it appears Safari downloads it in three chunks before it plays. That said, since the video is small the two extra network connections might be working against you.

From a higher level perspective, you may be able to reorganize the Hype document. It looks like you’re using multiple scenes. Instead you could use one scene and have the video be 0% opacity in the background, and then play when a button is clicked. It would probably already be loaded by the time a user does the action.

All you need to do is give a unique element ID in the inspector, and then have JavaScript code that is:


Thank you very much Jonathan. I used yout idea with the .gif. The tric
with javascript is too difficult for me. As I mentioned, I’m not a

Thanks a lot!

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Anecdotal, but that worked much better for me from San Francisco!