Futuristic HUD menu

Hi everyone

I would appreciate feedback on whether this hype object plays smoothly on your machine, particularly if you have a lower spec system. Hope you like it and thanks in advance!



Looks Great! Instant loading~smooth animation…
and I have a dreadfully slow connection (6Mb/sec) on a good day.

iMac, Core i7; 16 GB Ram; AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB
MacOS: 10.13.4
Safari: 11.1

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Looks good. First load seemed a bit slow, the loading screen hung around for a small bit…
Cleard my caches and tried again. Was faster but did get the loading screen for about 3 -4 seconds.

I have a fast connection

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8 year old MacPro here not sure if that qualifies for low spec (lol) but the interface loads fast enough here.

One tiny thing that caught my eye was the jump the thin triangle upper left corner makes.

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Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear it is playing smoothly - I guess Hype exports are very well optimised. Makes me wonder how much further I can push it…

2015 imac i5. 2.8. 8 gig. loading screen about 2 seconds works smoothly

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