Future Request: Keyboard shortcuts for ALIGN Menu

Just did a bunch of align to center movements on individual elements.
Is it too late to ask for keyboard shortcuts for the ALIGN menu in Hype 4?


Never too late! But, not guaranteed that it’ll make it into production.

By the way, you can create your own shortcuts for Hype if you want.

Steps to create a shortcut:

  1. Open “System Preferences”…
  2. Click the “keyboard” icon.
  3. Click the “shortcuts” tab and in the left pane click App Shortcuts.
  4. Below the right pane click the + button. In the dropdown menu choose the Hype application.
  5. In the Menu Title box add your align menu (this step is for any menu item) like so:
    Arrange->Align->Center Note you don’t have to put the main menu title but i like to.
  6. Then, in the shortcut box add your shortcut by pressing the combination you want.

Repeat for any other shortcuts you want.


Thanks DBear!

Is there an app that has keyboard shortcuts for these that you like? Sketch and Keynote both don’t have any.

In the case of ‘Center’ at least you will need to put the full menu path or the shortcut will be picked up by the Formate Text sub menu for ‘Center’

I take it the problem is choosing shortcuts that are common and do not clash or confuse.

I have setup these.


Sorry I didn’t make it clear that if you have more than one menu item with the same name and especially if it is a sub menu then you will have to use the full path otherwise you can just use the menu name. :smiley: Cheers Mark.

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Last time I remember using quick keys for text alignment was Quark XPress, but I don’t even remember what those quick keys were. HA HA. I like what @MarkHunte put. But if you’re looking for comparison as to what other apps do, Here’s Pages…

…that’s basically my Quark XPress replacement these days. Maybe the alien that deletes boxes should come back too. :smile:

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@MarkHunte Yes something like that.

@jonathan And yes that is a good way to set this up as well.

In my opinion the more keyboard shortcuts the better :slight_smile:
Now that I know how to set them up that is helpful.

Maybe a keyboard shortcut assignment window in the Hype Preferences?
The ability to find a quick window for customization is always a nice feature.

Hype has those same text alignment keyboard shortcuts (well, except for justify); this is specifically about the ones in the Arrange menu.

We take a conservative approach to keyboard shortcuts because there might be more important functionality later that would work out better for users. It isn’t good to change them; I consider any shortcut pretty much permanent. We’ve only changed shortcuts 1-2 times total in the whole life of Hype.

Apps that have shortcuts for this functionality has probably also thought them through, and if users are familiar with them then it means less learning on their part.

I like those!

As the system provides this facility, it isn’t likely we’d duplicate the effort and do this as a feature. Not to say it couldn’t be improved for specific Hype cases, but there’s much bigger features to fry when a workaround does exist :slight_smile:.

Users have often requested that the align/distribution tools have specific buttons which I think is fair, so it would make sense to evaluate shortcuts at that time too.