Future hype online?

Look at this link it is very interesting to talk about the future with the Internet that we are going to disappear desktop software. Many customers (No code) very demanding for resolutions of their needs that advantages their business and effective customers.

I would like to know what opinions?

There are some pretty bold statements in that article…

We can safely proclaim that desktop is almost dead by now. Only games and heavy apps are keeping it alive.

If that were true, I could write a book from my iPad or my iPhone — I can't. Sure, Pages has online features, and collaborative features, but it's still not a replacement for me.

However, web development was not mature enough to replicate power of HyperCard or Access. We suddenly lost all advances in desktop software development and had to start almost from scratch.

This is an interesting point. I don't know that I necessarily agree. My experience with HyperCard was not good. We had Flash though. Now we have Hype, but it hasn't caught on like Flash.

I do feel like the Internet is trying to find a direction. The Internet had to be restarted because of mobile devices. That's why modern design is so plain. People are still figuring out how to make a website pretty across all devices. But also, the Internet is meant to be quick. People don't care about flashy animation, not like the landing pages of the 90s. They just want to search for their information and get back to their cat videos.

Internet powered collaboration software. You can write documents together,

Do people actually do this?

The general tone of the article makes sense, that work will move online and that people will work collaboratively. However, I see problems with this... BIG PROBLEMS.

Fragmentation — Which tool to you use? Google Docs? Office 365? iCloud? That cool tool by that cool startup? Getting people to agree on the tool can almost immediately kill collaboration.

Learning Curve — Even if you settle on the tool, one guy in the group is going to email the document. Or what about the freelancer, he doesn't have a company account? How do we create an account for him? A simple sounding problem, that can be surprisingly difficult.

Expensive — Right now in this space, big companies are spending big money to be the leader. That will fix the fragmentation issue, but then you're at the mercy of an uncompetitive market. What's to stop the price from rising when there's no competition?

Practicality — Hype is mainly a tool for soloists. What if tomorrow morning, Hype suddenly had collaboration features. Would you use them? How would that work exactly? What if there was an option to buy Hype the online version, but it's a monthly subscription. How many people would switch?

I don't like to rent my software. That's one of the primary reasons why I'm here. But for online collaboration, someone has to pay for the servers. Clearly, many companies are trying to change that business model. More and more apps are going to the "cloud".

It's kinda like replacing cable, with the streaming mess that we have now.

Hello, I think it’s very good about your opinion. but this “no code” is a great reason to make a great revolution. Because with the software they are very expensive and many companies and entrepreneurs cannot afford it … because we already know that a lot of programmers are very bad of UI design. Normally there are many talents and creatives always want to do something similar to Photoshop or Adobe XD that allows you to create any with more incredible UX. because designers and programmers are very different thoughts.

Luckily, programmers have brilliant mental as Bubble.io has invented a developed web software for people who don’t know codes (designers, accounting and many more) can create many software and they can do business themselves with the cheapest budgets.

Notice that Bubbe.io already has 6 million dollars. That’s why he has listened to the brilliant artists and says “I want to create a web page processing with good software and very freedom to work as photoshop” and I succeed.

You have also created an extension that you can share api for “no code” that you can share with Google spreadsheets. INCREDIBLE really. included create database and managed administration with widgets.

One of them has export with apk, ios, windows and apple format.

Some examples: alternative of Uber, twitter, facebook and many things that developed bubble without codes …

That’s why I thought that hype possibility to create an online to work with all platforms. windows, apple, andriod, amazon, linux and all.

there are many online software created interactive html5 but they are not very good … but hype yes, no doubt.

You can look at twitter #nocode or nocode

PD: translate google

there are many “no code” web software

I hope that if you have learned these incredible things.

Ahh, I want to tell you that the best known video games like Builbox and constric 3d, are already online

Now with godot engine (22mb for one software), it is one of them best video game software that is developed for online web. It also makes a lot of sense because we already know with glsl and threejs it is incredible that it can create millions of effects.

Oh yeah, Google docs have been a life saver many times, with documents that both my girlfriend and I can edit anywhere, like documents we sent to clients for review without the need to install anything.

Also, the fact we all see the same format and styling without worries for OS compatibility and software version is a huge plus.

Milanote is other webapp I heavily use for its collaborative nature. I wish there was something like MindNode online where multiple people could gather together online.

But yeah, no, Hype is perfect as a desktop solution, I wouldn't like any of Adobe to turn in a web based software.

Many of these applications deliver great performance for power users because many of these are written up for OS performance in mind, like OmniPlan recently updated their UI to take advance of OSX metal api.

This is the equivalent of Freepik for graphic design or Wordpress for web designers.

No Code is a powerful trend that is gaining a lot of attention, but for power users, there still is the need to make things manually, there is simply no templates or presses that can fill every need out there.

And there is creativity and pride, many love to create from ground up new experiences or designs in order to deliver their customers an unique result.

Still, I believe everyone can gain some time savers on these no-code list, the animations that Hype allows and mixing it with things like Anime.JS, you can crate things that 10 years ago would be posible only if you were a senior software developer.

Thanks for comment.

webflow: for web designers and graphic designers.

Reflected: if hype in online do not worry with apple computer capacity. I can use with Raspberry pi and google chrome … Delighted !!!

Very interesant!!!

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Why, in our modern day, are we expecting people to speak like computers? Shouldn’t computers learn to speak our language instead?

Because our language is ambiguous. Programming is the act of unambiguously stating how to transform input into output. The syntax of programming is the easy part compared to the logic required to make a proper specification. This is always going to be required lest you want incorrect results (you don't).

If it’s true, but think you can do something simpler in hype … I’m not interested in creating a business system … I’m only interested in the interactive world … That’s why I need a for, case, if and switch.

Bubble is designed for more advanced web software for non-code people …

I don’t have time to concentrate codes because I’m already very busy in the 3d world and graphic design … I’m always interested in interactive.

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It tastes good !!! without codes including database without codes

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Looks like an interesting app - for some people it may be worth the price!
And once again we see what an amazing deal Hype is ($99 - no subscription).


I think it is ideal for designer to sell directly to their customers … but hype is ideal for business, hobby (experiments)

more important to know other software for next version of hype should stronger.

Economical Undoubtedly, hype is the best of all.