Function social share buttons in Wordpress?

Hi, I’d like to know if the floating social share buttons can be make in Hype.
I’m looking for something like this:

The problem is, I’d like to add these Hype created buttons into Wordpress blog. That means, URL address needs to be changing, and same as the URL of post the user is currently on.

Any ideas would be helpful :slight_smile:


More difficult. You can, of course, embed a hype document (your floating buttons) into a Wordpress page but wiring it up to Worpress would require some expertise.

What level are you at when it comes to Javascript and PHP programming?

I tried to code in PHP and JS so I’m somewhere between beginner and intermediate.

Sure I could just used plugin for example Shareaholic, but I don’t like I can’t really customize it.

But I’m not afraid of challenge to code something in PHP or JS :slightly_smiling_face: