Function in .js file and window.timer

Hi excuse my English is not very good, excuse my English is not very good, I have a number of questions.

  1. Land use, besides recurring series of animations, and I would like to store them in a .js file Is it possible? I’ve tried several coding forms and cast me impossible.

  2. The code I present below is executed correctly if you only count on one type of design, if not add other design functions are executed. It is all I use “window.timer” ?. (17.4 KB)

Yes, you can store this in an external file. The main thing is that you will need a reference to the hypeDocument variable. The easiest way to get it is to simply reference via the global HYPE.document["exportedDocumentName"].

I’m unclear on what you’re trying to do, but if you need a specific timing, you could instead have a Timeline Action trigger the event at a specific time.