Fun with Hype and Xcode

With a hell of a lot of thanks to Nick Gressle’s (@nick) post describing how to embed a Hype document into an Xcode app, I was able to at last crack through Apple’s walled garden with a spooky woo-woo program called Pentacaster. The app uses the HTML Canvas object to do its actual drawing; everything else is happening in Hype.

More amusingly, perhaps, the page where the preview is located — as well as my entire current website — is Hype generated. Because life is far, far too short to waste on hand-coding anything in TextWrangler (good though it is).


Very nice, I love seeing this type of integration where UIs can be made easily in Hype as part of an app!

MUCH more readily than with other tools. Plus it’s portable in a way Swift and Obj-C aren’t, which opens the door to Android as well.

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