Fullscreen video controls doesnt work in Chrome and Opera

I have a Vimeo video in hype, when I click to go fullscreen in Chrome and Opera, it shows the browsers default video controls and not Vimeos. IE 11 and Firefox 37 works ok. Chrome and Opera reports:

'HTMLVideoElement.webkitSupportsFullscreen' is deprecated. Its value is true if the video is loaded.
player.js:4 'HTMLVideoElement.webkitEnterFullscreen()' is deprecated. Please use 'Element.requestFullscreen()' and 'Element.webkitRequestFullscreen()' instead.
player.js:10 'HTMLVideoElement.webkitDisplayingFullscreen' is deprecated. Please use the 'fullscreenchange' and 'webkitfullscreenchange' events instead.

Example (click on first tile):


Is there a new callup for fullscreen available?

The text you see in the logs are mostly warnings — not errors. My guess is that Vimeo is providing a normal <video> and allowing the browser’s full screen default controls to take over from Vimeo’s skin of the player. This is likely because Vimeo knows that they can’t get the same features or stability if they try to overtake the built in ‘full screen’ implementation that the browser exposes. The reason IE 11 and Firefox 37 appear to do the right thing is because they probably allow ‘skinning’ the full screen video experience and vimeo is taking advantage of that. (Much of this is speculation, but in either way this is code that is handled on Vimeo’s side.)

I’d also be curious to see what would happen if you uninstalled Flash and IE11 and Firefox are forced to load the HTML5 version of the video. You might be seeing a purely flash-based full screen player.

Thanks for the reply. I have fixed the issue. I was missing an option in some javascript code to append the webkitfullscreen etc to the iframe tag.

Many thanks.