Fullscreen button does not appear on vimeo control bar with Widget HTML iframe


I have created this following test page with a Widget HTML for including a video on a page : http://tolk.agency/preprod/

The fullscreen button does not appear on the vimeo control bar andI does not understand why be cause when I launch the html file tilted iframe-widgethtml.html included into the folder test-video-vimeo.hyperesources, the fullscreen button appear pretty well on the vimeo control bar.

Somebody can help to solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @sylvaindurand

Use a rectangle instead of a HTML widget and place the embed code within the rectangle’s innerHTML. There is a problem when embedding a vimeo iframe within an iframe. You need to apply the “allowfullscreen” to all the iframes which makes it a little difficult within Hype.


Hi @DBear

Thanks a lot for this simple solution, it is working pretty well.