Full screen Vimeo videos in rectangles cause graphical overlay in Chrome


I followed the advice from a forum member to use a regular rectangle and paste vimeo embed code there with the fullscreen allowed code to achieve fullscreen functionality in Hype. However, in chrome when you click on the fullscreen button as well as the video going fullscreen, the other elements of the page overlay it.

Here is said page in full screen on Chrome: (image removed)

I need the fullscreen button to show. Am I missing something and is there a fix for this behaviour?

I searched and couldn’t find this asked before, let me know if I missed the answer and I will delete this.


Can you share a URL so we can see what’s going on in the browser? or a doc?

Sure (link removed)

It also happens when previewing the hype document.


Found the problem and reporting the bug.

The behaviour goes away and works properly when I remove the reflection. Also affects regular HTML widgets too.

EDIT: the bug also causes Safari on mac to force reload the page when hovering over any of the videos.

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