Full Page Wordpress Post Troubleshoot

hello, I try to make full one page web from hype to wordpress. But It’s not work. before, I have a small size it work.

what happend about that?

this is my oem:

this is my hype:

you should provide a link …

as a guess:
the hypefile does not show up at all¿

that’s because a heightresponsive hypeexport has a styleattribute of height:100%.
to fix this wrap it in a container with height 100vh or something absolute xxxxpx.
… or (did not test) change the hypestyleattribute itsself from 100% to 100vh

search the forum to this specific topic … @Daniel did some explanation on it …

Yes it’s not showing.

Sorry I am not understand what is 100vh?

I just replied on this thread about the general issue as well.