Full Page Video with Entire Website Scrolling Over It

I came up with this proof of concept, building on the full page video setup in my previous post. The concept is: a video (or it could be a still image) that not only has its position fixed, but full page with a flexible layout, meaning it will be full page on any size viewport, with the rest of the website scrolling over it.

There’s probably a way to do this without my technique using an iframe, so please explain how to do it and post a sample mock-up to demonstrate that. I’d love to learn the simpler way.

My technique uses an iframe, with scrolling set to yes, and the rectangle made to be expand to fill and zoom contents. It requires creating the video document and the rest of the website document separately. Feedback is appreciated.

Full Page Video with Scrolling Page.hype.zip (18.0 KB)

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