Fresh 1.0 new full stack web framework

I am sure you heard about Fresh 1.0. What do you think about it?

Fresh is a new full stack web framework for Deno. By default, web pages built with Fresh send zero JavaScript to the client. The framework has no build step which allows for an order of magnitude improvement in deployment times.


Not to cop out of an answer, but I'd say it is too early to tell :slight_smile:. Node+Express has a pretty thriving ecosystem with tons of middleware and documentation/community to back it all up. I don't think Deno solves many problems over Node, and Fresh doesn't seem to be a radically different take than other web frameworks. So there's nothing to knock or to immediately drop my jaw at; it doesn't seem like this is yet able to escape tradeoff gravity and instead just has differences based on developer preferences. But history has shown that sometimes small early differences can lead to big ones down the road... so if that's the case and it gains enough traction then it might be interesting!

Thank you for your answer Jonathan.

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