Freeway is back!

The web app I used to love to hate, clunky looking interface, I was ok when they went under,then after trying some alternatives for a year, they look pretty good to me.

As a test, I opened a couple of their templates and tested them in Safari/Develop/Enter Responsive Design mode, and I think they finally get it! Their templates work across the board in all devices.

And Hype files always did work every time.

Didnt care they were gone, but now glad they are back.

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It’s currently available at a huge discount: $39. I use this as the platform for most of my Hype content.

The tricks to FW responsive are

  1. Work from the max breakpoint, downwards
  2. Use the “display” button in the third Inspector tab to hide / display content for the various breakpoints
  3. For Hype - If possible, try to create your Hype layouts at the same height for all breakpoints. Hype’s approach is to scale up to the next higher breakpoint, whereas FW scales down to the narrower breakpoint. This is usually not a problem, but if you use a background in FW of a certain height and lay a transparent Hype object over this, varying heights of the Hype layouts may not match up with the background at various FW breakpoints.

Thanks! Their earlier efforts at responsive were one of the reasons I left, good to know about the details that you worked out. That explains a lot that I never could work out.

Are all these things you worked out earlier, or is this from working with the newest version, which I just heard of today?

(this also says a lot about Hype Forum vs. Freeway forum. Like 99% of the forums out there, they had page after page listing of forum topics and you never knew to whom or where to aim your question , you just threw it out there and hoped someone would pick up on it within a year. Whereas Hype forum questions are easy to track and search. Apple’s are so hostile that I avoid them unless I REALLY need them.)

This is the same version of FW as when they took a break this summer. They haven’t enhanced anything so far.

Re forums; up to this summer Softpress was using the same (or similar) forum solution as Tumult. The forum they are presently using is the old version that they stopped using a couple of years ago. I agree that Tumult’s forum is great. In addition to some highly experienced and knowledgable regulars like there were on the SP forum, the Tumult forum has highly valuable daily contributions by a number of Tumult staffers.

My experience in software is extremely broad and, counting the interaction of Johathan et al, I must say that over the past 25 years I don’t recall any company that could match Tumult for its online support. Ever.


Probably they need money to provide technical support.
We hope this is not just an attempt.

Agree! That thought crossed my mind. In my case, with all of the new apps out there, each trying to outdo the other on “features” I am ready for a familiar face, so to speak. Too much new learning right now, need to produce, not test new things.

in web development you must choose a software costantly developed with a good support.
Another important thing is the development time. Use a “fast” development software and easy for beginners.
Save your money for a software worthwhile? depends

This is good news. While I’m not a production pro I have used Freeway almost since the beginning. After the demise of F7 I supplemented my transition to responsive by using Caleb Grove’s, Backdraft 2.1, which was really a godsend. Naturally Hype was an essential component in doing some of the work I did too. You can see how I combined the 2 programs on my now aging Home Weather site. Rainow Weather really for desktop.

I’m currently redoing this as an Android App with Hype organising much of the data in the background, using a standard front end android navigation setup being fed by webviews which saves much programming skills I don’t have and allows me to feed live-ish data to the app. Running alongside this will be a web app version for iOS done in Hype. To stop Android caching I’ve added the usual no cache both in the web view code and in the HTML meta tags for good measure.
The Android App does not require any services from your smart device and a beta version can be downloaded from my Google Drive here:
or direct from my website
All the usual caveats apply i.e. download at your own risk etc, etc. It is of course specific to my weather station so you can’t select other weather sources.
Please note if you do download the contact page currently does not send emails.

The testing of alternatives has been a headache - not just testing the capabilities, but the best way to use these platforms for deploying Hype content. I’ve wasted a lot of time on this that would have been better used working on my Hype projects.

Isn’t that the truth!!! And now, after all that, I have to learn Dreamweaver and/or Joomla because I am working for a company that has a Windows equipment requirement. At least Dreamweaver is available for Mac so I can train on it at home. So far, it looks ok, just into the first couple of hours of training.
But I do have some concerns about any cloud based operations meeting the security specs required by this companies product production contracts. We shall see. Both my company and our web host are trading non-disclosure agreements, so that the needed information can be exchanged.which is actually a good sign I think.

There won’t be any problem with me bringing in Hype documents, though.