Freelance help needed - 3 animated charts

//// 3 Animations ////

Hello friends,

I’m looking for someone to make 3 animations to be integrated into a wordpress page (“add raw html”), as previewed here:

  • 1 ‘matrix’ which gradually fills up,
  • 1 a diagram based on a “bar diagram” that appears gradually with text in caption,
  • 1’timeline’ type diagram with text in caption.

With the insertion of ‘start / next / back / replay’ buttons to allow users to play the animation at his own pace.

I provide:

  • 1 animation already made of which we re-use the style (fonts, colors, background…), this anim was made with the trial version of Hype 3.0 (

  • for each of the 3 anim to be done: 1 powerpoint pres that describes the steps of each animation and indicates the style to be applied.

Everything is therefore well prepared I think, just subject to adjustments to be discussed together if necessary.

I have a budget, but not an enormous one either, so it is more suitable for a freelance than for an agency.