Free Template "Zoom panels"

(Freelancer) #1

Hi guys, I’m glad to share this new template.

Inspired to “Time Machine” interface by Apple.

No coding, just a bit of javascript for the Arrows navigation ( up/down)

You can run the animation with drag / click / arrows / slider stop points.

template features:

  • Responsive behavior with "Flexible Layout "
  • 3D transforms (rotations)
  • Inner HTML editing ( for the counter)
  • javascript for Arrows navigation
  • Show / Hide panels with “scale” option
  • Relationship between actions and timeline ( slide and slider stop points)

Preview in HypeDocks :slight_smile: (1.2 MB)

Apple's Time Machine Effect?
Photo Dot Navigation Slider
Pause and load, other effects achievable?


Thank You for generous efforts here!

(ekim) #3

Yes, thank you! That’s is awesome. By the way, one other feature, mouse wheel scroll? That will just complete that template.

(Freelancer) #4

the scroll event must be effective only in the panels area and not to the page. This is not easy to manage and you must add a lot of CSS and javascript.

Now you can start the animation in 5 ways, almost without code, it’s enough, moreover the template is usable without technical skills :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

(Mark Hunte) #5

If you really want to do this see this post