[FREE DL] Use Complex Vector Animations in Hype

Hey guys,

I have created this template to make use of a library for android and ios that allows you to render beautiful animations created in After effects and exported to json using the Bodymovin extention for AE.

I found a helpful video here if you want to create these animations yourself > Click me

Or there are plenty of free animations ready to use here > Click me

Please try to improve this template if you can and repost any helpful updates here!

Hope you enjoy playing with this as mush as I did!



Vector-Animations-Hype-Demo.zip (151.2 KB)


I was looking into this about a year ago. Thanks to Hype 4 and the introduction of ‘vectors shape’ and ‘polygon’ selections most of these animations can be done right within Hype. Theres little or no reason to go to ae use a bm plugin. But I must say what you put together is cool, thanks!


Didn’t realise this was possible within Hype…thanks for the heads up @petester :v:

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The method works great but I need to apply a .JSON animation without loop (loop: false) and to show it after 4 seconds on my timeline.
I solved to make it appear later but now the animation shows as a static image, I supposed this is because the animation already played “On Scene Load” at the first second when the animation is hidden until appears at second 4. Is there any way to show and play 1 loop on a different place on the timeline?

Json_Demo.zip (708.3 KB)

Just wait until 4 seconds then run your function from the timeline.

See updated project fix.hype.zip (705.6 KB)


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Wow! never came to mind to put the Run JavaScript into the timeline action. It works flawlessly.

Thank you!

Cool! I know this was just an example it working in hype but that json file is a whopping 2.8mg hmm wondering if theres compression within the bodymovin export options.