[FREE DL] Use Complex Vector Animations in Hype

(Stephen G) #1

Hey guys,

I have created this template to make use of a library for android and ios that allows you to render beautiful animations created in After effects and exported to json using the Bodymovin extention for AE.

I found a helpful video here if you want to create these animations yourself > Click me

Or there are plenty of free animations ready to use here > Click me

Please try to improve this template if you can and repost any helpful updates here!

Hope you enjoy playing with this as mush as I did!



Vector-Animations-Hype-Demo.zip (151.2 KB)

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(Pete) #2

I was looking into this about a year ago. Thanks to Hype 4 and the introduction of ‘vectors shape’ and ‘polygon’ selections most of these animations can be done right within Hype. Theres little or no reason to go to ae use a bm plugin. But I must say what you put together is cool, thanks!

(Stephen G) #3

Didn’t realise this was possible within Hype…thanks for the heads up @petester :v: