[free dl] interactive advent calendar

Hey guys,

I wanted to share a file of mine I’m working on just as a download. It’s an ad which shows different things every day as an interactive calendar, i had to stop making it sadly now because on ipad 2(the really really old one) it takes a long time to load from the amount of assets. So future versions will have only 1 days worth of animation, but I was pretty happy with it and I just wanted to share the way I worked on it.

Link: http://www.luckyde.com/ipad/interactivecalendar/index.html

The days are just placed on the main stage so a designer can go in and animate them

And then they just change the head variable

And then the new days will be clickable so I wanted to keep it really designer friendly. So i put all the hard stuff like interacting between icons as code and the actual animation when you open it in hype.

I wanted to minimize images as much as i can so the icons and days are a single image and just offset

Anyway some of you may find it useful, here you go!

index_v10.zip (532.8 KB)


Thanks for sharing this file @Luckyde , very generous!!
It works great and probably can also be used for different purposes.
Will dissect this to see how it works and no doubt learn a few new tricks.

Wow! it remind me the “one good deed a day” calendar , another awesome work, also all graphics are very nice.

@Luckyde Compliments

A little late to the party - but that’s great! Big props for sharing your work so others can learn.