Frames pre keyframe should NOT be something else?

(Mattias Lindberg) #1

I find it so strange and cumbersome to animate, when you make a keyframe, set something to say 0% transparency. Then you look at the frames before and it has 100%?? There’s no keyframes before that, so it shouldn’t have any other value than the first keyframe on the layer. This is how all software I have ever used do it?

Can you please change this behaviour? I have been annoyed by this since I started using Hype, but I figured that it’s just a workflow I will soon get used to. But I never do! That’s why I have this a little annoyed tone to my writing. I’m sorry! :slight_smile:

Same thing goes with positions, etc. which is even more annoying…

(Greg) #2

Try setting your keyframes at 1:00.00 to start the animation with 0% opacity then set another keyframe at 2:00.00 to end the animation with 100% opacity (9.6 KB)

(Mattias Lindberg) #3

OK. What if I need to animate something in to a certain position.
Normally, in other software like Flash, After Effects, Nuke, Fusion, TVPaint, ToonBoom Studio…
You would put a keyframe first at it’s currently imported state. Ex. at 02:00. So it looks like what you made in say, Photoshop. Then, you go back to 01:00 and move the object, making a keyframe. Outside of the window. A nice tween between the both keyframes. An “in-animation”.

With Hype, you try and do the same. You would get it visible in the middle at 00:00 to 00:29, then jump outside and then animate in. Where is the logic to that I wonder? :slight_smile:

(Lucky) #4

This has been one of my biggest issues since day 1 of using hype, and I also wish this behaviour would change but from what I understand it’s how hype was built. However the Capo tool exists hidden away, to me the capo tool is the closest you got to custom keyframes and it should be a default when recording. It should have a

Record button and a
Record from this point (cappo) button

Record button is like if in flash i randomly add a tween on the current frame i’m on from the previous keyframe position, the capo tool is at least like making a keyframe at the current position FIRST then adding a tween. Ideally I’d reaaaaly preffer there to be an option somehow to set up your keyframe positions, then add the tweens by right clicking between them and also having the ablity to remove the tweens but keeping the keyframes.
And I"m not discussing the instant tween since instant tween still visually looks like a tween, And hype does this thing a lot of the times where when i start messing with tweens it resets the tween type so instant can be a real pain sometimes.

Anyway TLDR I fully agree with you, but i’m not sure if that will happen soon without a remake of the timeline system in place now :stuck_out_tongue:

Capo tool explained?
(Mattias Lindberg) #5

OK, I got an idea. If staff is listening?

What if, you had two sides of the Capo tool? One at each side to be dragged out. Or, one at a time. Haven’t thought too deeply about this. Or a way to switch it to the other side…
Why? To solve the problems above. To animate backwards, so to speak without Hype acting weird.
I made a small test in Photoshop, how that would look:

Say CMD + R brings up the Capo tool on left side. And CMD + Shift + R brings up the Capo tool on the right side.