Frame Rate Animation

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Hi All,

I’m new to the forum, i have a question that hopefully one of you can help me with.

Frame rate. I make small animations for various social media platforms. Especially Vine. I need to be able to pause a Vine on a single frame, I also need the ‘account’ for every single frame as its critical that your able to ‘pause’ the vine (by tapping) to reveal a real result. Such as this:

At present if i make an animation for 3 seconds and export at 25fps then the clip that is made will lose some of its frames, and when every frame is critical in telling a story i need to find away to control this better.

So my Question is:
Is it possible to change my time line to reflect 25fps. Therefore i can see every single frame that the animation will export?

Thanks for all advice



Hi Eric!

As far as I know HTML5 animations run at 30 frames per second in Hype, and this cannot be changed via Hype’s interface controls. Is the 25 FPS requirement PAL related?

However, the newest version has (3.5.2) has a new feature I have not experimented with:

goToTimeInTimelineNamed() API allows for times in between 30fps for smoother programmatic animations

I do not know if this will help your situation. If not then how about using an image editor to drill the frames down to exactly what You need? (.e. export at 30 FPS and tweak in the editor.)


According to this article, It appears that Vine is 28.77 frames per second, so I recommend exporting at 30fps, and ensuring that each of your individual frames occur over at least 2 of Hype’s frames. That way, you can be certain that the frame will overlap across one of Vine’s computed frames.

However, when I download the original video, the video is 30fps according to Quicktime:

Is the problem that you’re not seeing names match with faces?

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To clarify a few things:

  • Hype’s editor is fixed to working in timecodes that are 30 FPS. This currently cannot be changed (but does make a good feature request)
  • When running an animation in the browser, it will run as fast as it can, up to (and typically) 60 FPS. Thus you’ll get more “in between” frames than you may have animated
  • You can export videos at different framerates, but there’s no specified behavior on which frames would be dropped if you are lower than 30fps (generally speaking it is simple division though)

You may just want to export as PNG at 30fps and choose what to drop, or make animations expected to be 25 FPS (but then just they’ll play a little fast in Hype when previewing).

And to clarify this:

When supplying times to the goToTimeInTimelineNamed() API previously, we would “quantize” any numbers to line up with a 30 FPS frame rate. Thus if you gave a time like “3.035” it would get quantized/rounded to “3.033333333333333” which is a time that lands on 3 and 1/30 seconds. Hype 3.5.2 respects the time between frames and will render at that exact time instead. If you’re driving Hype’s timelines via JavaScript this is useful because you can drive it at 60 fps to look smooth, or you can even play around with time but still have the animations look smooth when doing so.