Frame animation not work, potential bug?


I do not understand why it is not work in full screen, and not work in mobile mode.

Is it bug? please check this file: (18.4 KB)


Before writing that the program has a bug have you tried on all browsers or with a more simplified project? (also via hype reflect) normally waypoint works well ( If this is the problem because you did not specify it).

Why did you put a pause on exit viewport?

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Hi Alex!

In the time allotted I found that any resizing of the window (including fullscreen) would prevent the lines from (re)drawing.

Inside the “Symbol” I copied the properties from the Symbol’s timeline “frame” and pasted them into the “Main Timeline” of the Symbol. I deleted the timeline “frame” - and things worked.

Note: The switch to the iPhone layout worked, but did not try it on an actual mobile device. (18.8 KB)

So I believe we can assume that some aspect of the “frame” timeline was creating a problem.

Hopefully You can take it from here (this will be my last post in this thread) - or others may offer additional insights.

My cursory look shows that the on exit waypoint for the trigger element is being called, thus immediately pausing your timeline. This looks due to flexible layout – I’m not sure why yet, but if you can avoid the pause that would definitely be a workaround from what I can tell.

Yes, I tried, it will NOT work as expected when both PC and mobile layout are set to be “Scale”, and will only if unchecked, but who knows?:sweat_smile:

So, Still I think this should be token as bug.

Sorry, No.

Just think about that there are several that kind of frame, and I think it should be always recommended to play less animation timelines at same time and pause timelines ON EXIT VIDEW POINT, otherwise, it will need more CPU usage and memory, and potentially cause browser crash especially for MOBILE mode. please check this page you will find there are three same frame animation:

By the way, I am not sure whether this issue is related to this one bug that was confirmed by @daniel before, but that bug is still there in HYPE 4 :



It should be always recommended especially on mobile mode, right?

Also, there are lots of situation for setting timeline to be paused on exit viewport. it is impossible to clarify all of situations and reason why set a pause, do you agree?

And the most important is that it is named PAUSE, and I set it as Pause on exit viewport, but it does not work as expected, that is just the reason why i call it as bug.

Since I took a whole day to check the reason why it does not work as expected, and I am sure someone else will DEFINITELY encounter same problem too.

But who know the reason?

The fact is nobody know the reason even @jonathan, before I post.

Just think about what if lots of HYPE new users encounter this issue, en?


Thanks, this seems work, and it is indeed a temporary solution SINCE it works well even if CHECKED “scale” both on mobile and PC layout.

BUT, it is not the one what I expect, because I do not want to put it in MAIN TIMELINE, and I think it is always a great way to put animations into individual timelines, and triggered by a trigger.

This does NOT ONLY mean it is easy control every timelines, BUT ALSO well-documented.

Thanks anyway.

SO this issue seems only happened once the frame elements were put into a individual timeline.

But why it work as expected on mainline, and not work as expected on individual timeline???

@jonathan and I think this information is helpful to track the that issue if you would like take this as bug.


So, why the trigger is still within viewpoint, but it trigger PAUSE, and cause project does not work as expected?

In the original file you posted, if you un-pin the trigger element then it works.

I am always happy to help but after reading the discussion I have doubts. I don’t understand why you have to be ironic and hypothesize problems before having verified and discussed them.

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Yes, I agree. I am still giving him the benefit of a doubt that things get lost in translation but this thread is pretty demanding. One thing should be very clear to us all… the forum is mostly user helping users so keeping a certain level of netikette and a civil discussion is key. Software is a complex theme and never bug free on the one hand and on the other hand technology is such a multifaceted beast ever evolving, that we always should keep a big self doubt if we are just doing it wrong or our knowledge on the topic is insufficient. Also even if someone tries to help and gets it wrong, for most the act of trying to help should be honored.

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Hello All,

I am not native english speaker, and I would like say sorry if I make you misunderstood.

my english teacher told me UPERCASE is used for emphasis in written english:smile:

Yes, I agree, I understand there might be bugs in any software, because it is written by human. :smiley:

Sure, for any software engineers, I believe any potential bug reports are welcomed, and I believe Hype too. So, I am not complaining, but just want to show the issue what I encountered in two days.

So, I still think it is a bug since Hype is frontend design tool but not software composer, so if the function is not work as expected, it will be take as a bug for non technical background users.

Thanks all.

The part of that that seems to have been overlooked is

Please give them some time to look into it.

Did the work around I posted help you in the mean time…?

Hello @MarkHunte,

Thanks, I tired to unpin of trigger, but it does not work for me, would you please check again in mobile mode and in full screen?


Ok you’re right there, I did not test for that.

It seems that the elements exit viewport is being trigged as soon as the scene is shown. Like the API is firing before the element is in the view.

Maybe a temp work around is check if the symbols timeline’s current time is greater than 1s.

if so pause.

I have used a custom behaviour to do the pause.

And exended the scene height ( desktop only ) with another symbol at the bottom so you can scroll between them

frame.hype (20.6 KB)

WOW, @MarkHunte, really really perfect work.


Thanks again for your great support.

Have a nice day.

I’m glad you solide, and now, for consistency, if the problem concerns the project, you could also change the title “potential bug” otherwise it could be a misunderstanding.

Hello @michelangelo

I do not understand.:smiley:

From my view, there is bug, and temporarily @MarkHunte provide a great way to adopt, but that does not mean the bug in Hype is fixed, do you agree?

There are always two categories in most of software communities: Feature request, and Bug report, both are great helpful to collect feature and bug, and helpful to improve the software engineering management efficiency, those bug reports will might be classified into archives, but never be deleted, since it is easily to track the issues, like apple and Easyengine:

I am also using Sketch and Pixelmator Pro, bug reports are always welcomed in their community:

I think it is really great custom in Software engineering, and it is even a popular category in Game commnities:

Actually, only fans users likely spent time to report bugs, and I am sure it does not mean malice.

Unless you do not think it is a bug, and I am very glad to hear your views, otherwise I do not understand why it should be changed, or what I should change it to be please?

Hello @MarkHunte please change the tile to the one what you think it should be, if you do not think it is not a bug.

I am glad to hear your views.

Thanks, and nice day.:smiley:


No one has said it is not a bug.
No one has said what the problem is.
I have already pointed out that from what @jonathan said in his reply that it looks like it will be investigated.
Tumult and the community is excellent at helping users resolve issues either with the Tumult software itself or third party environments and tools used alongside Hype.
Tumult also has a very good record of resolving Bugs when found.

So I do not feel we or they need to be educated on what or how other places deal with bug reporting.

Also be aware that bugs of this nature are not always down to the Hype software but can be down to changes in web browser engine API.

So it may seem simple enough to get some answers but they may not be directly related to Hype. This means it can be even more time in investigating. Or not.

please be patient.

My reading of jonathan’s reply is he is offered a workaround that attempts to help get your project working until the issue bug or not can be pinned down.

So please be patient. I personally see no reason to change the title.