FR: Skip "Actions" during exporting a video

Hi, I have a button in the opening scene that user’s press to start the animation. So far, so good.

The problem is, that the video exporter is not pressing this button, hence the video only shows the opening scene.

IMO during video export, all interactive actions should be skipped instead the whole animation should be played end-2-end.

Hi, That really would not work. Whats controlling the sequence of the animations If you have a whole load of actions that require use interaction. When exporting them as a movie they all would fire at once creating a confused mess.

Because you are producing a video which you want to show buttons clicked or certain animations that would normally be activated by a click, you will have to temporarily orchestrate these actions to be fired for example on scene load or on a Timeline that fires on scene load.

As said, I don’t want to produce a video where buttons are clicked. I just have a simple “start animation” button. Nothing more. And I just would like to have an option: “Don’t click / care about buttons, just play animation from start to end and export”.

Doing edits just to get a video exported is non-sense because I have to revert these edits later.

Alternative, I need an option per action where I can specify how to handle it when exporting a video. Because I can tell at design time.

I did make it clear that You could either click a button or not.

You could put in a request.

But it would seem to me that putting in more user options for this would be a waste of space and time when you can simply start the animations with an on scene load Action.

This works and is simple to implement and remove.

At the moment you would have to place a timeline action at the end of any animations on the “Main Timeline” of each scene that Jumps to the next scene. The video export option will then play all animations in each scene.

If you have additional animations in your scene you can place an action to start the animation at whatever time in your “Main Timeline” again this will then be included in the video export.

Example. 1

Scene 1 -> No animations (place a timeline action at frame 1 to Jump to next scene)
Scene 2 -> Animation ( 2 sec duration on “Main Timeline”)

RESULT -> Video export (2 secs at 30fps)

Example. 2

Scene 1 -> Animation 1 (1.29 secs on “animation 1” timeline) Animation 2 ( 2 sec on “animation 2” timeline)

Place a timeline action frame 0 (Start timeline “animation 1”) at frame 00:01.29 place timeline action (Start timeline “animation 2”) at frame 00:03.29 place a timeline action (Jump to scene->Next Scene)

Scene2 -> Animation on “Main Timeline” (2 secs duration)

RESULT -> Video Export (5.29 sec video at 30fps)

What you are asking for does sound like a request so if you want to post it as a request then by all means post it. As it stands there is no way (apart from the above) to do what you ask in my opinion.

Thanks for the request - I think ultimately it illustrates that there are fundamental differences between a web/interactive export and a video export. Because the range of actions is vast and has a lot of implications, it may be difficult to specifically add features to help merge these differences. The engineer in me says we might be able to provide a way to at least in JavaScript tell which environment you’re in, and then you can respond to that. I’d guess you may be able to hack that now if you wanted using a combination of the window.navigator and window.location variables but I’d be careful keying off of those.