Found a non-persistent problem

Found a non-persistent problem. I created a site for instagram which will consist of several pages. For each page I create a separate site to speed up loading. But after the first load of a specific page (if you refresh this page or re-go to it), javascripts with specific properties: tour selection, map, stop loading. I attach these files for verification. So far I have created two separate pages this is a selection of a tour and contacts, the rest are under development. The site itself is under this link: (882.3 KB) [|attachment] (120.4 KB)

so what exactly does not work¿ can't get it so far ...

On mobile devices from Apple, if you update this page or come back, then the map is not displayed and the selection scripts are not visible to the tours.

I suspect the problem is that you are enabling the Create offline application cache option and have modified your .html pages to use resources that are not listed in the cache.manifest file. The initial page load is fine because nothing is cached, but when reloaded it exclusively uses the cache, which did not store required files. I see these errors in the console log:

[Error] Failed to load resource: The URL can’t be shown (petite-vue, line 0)
[Error] ReferenceError: Can't find variable: PetiteVue

Unless you have a very important reason for using the offline cache, I would uncheck Create offline application cache in the Document Inspector. Otherwise you will also need to modify the cache.manifest file for anything you add manually.