Forum Homepage Changed / Broken?

Usually, when I load the Tumult Forums, it shows the latest threads – and just the latest thread. That’s what I have set as the preferences too.

But now, it shows the categories with the latest threads, which is not a nice. If I want to keep reading the latest threads, I have to load another page. Also, the category listing is not as pretty. I like to see the little icons of the people (not just one larger icon) and the thread stats.

Here’s a quote of the description from the “Meta” category

This category is for discussion about these forums, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. We want to make sure they work well and are a pleasure to use. Let us know if you have any suggestions by posting a new topic in this category.

Eh, I liked it better the other way. :man_shrugging:t2:


It’s not broken,

They have changed the default landing page.

You can set your default by going to your profile,

Preferences ->Interface. Default Home Page.

It may be set to Latest already. But you will either need to still hit the save button or change it to something else, save. Then change it back to Latest ,save for the pref to kick in.

Ugh, change…


As annoying as this actually was it was quite simple to remedy. Interesting to know why it changed. Perhaps an update in Discourse?

BTW, not sure if anyone knows this but you can also use the keys “gh” or “gl” when in the forums to quickly go to the home or latest pages :wink: That’s pressing g then h one after the other

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Ha ha, that sounds broken to me.

21 AM

I had it set to “Latest”, saving the setting again fixed the problem.

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Yep that part seems to be a bug which @Daniel I am sure is aware of… :grinning:

I actually changed the top menu order, and I was confused why this changed the home page. I put things back the way it was.

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Pro move! And you can hit / + shift to see all these shortcuts.