Fonts not loading into project when using CDN

Hi just wondering if anyone has had trouble with fonts not loading? Getting errors for all of my fonts when uploaded to server. Would it be better practice to embed all fonts in the resources folder rather than calling them using CDN? Screen-grab attached, many thanks Steve.

Console error:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED

  • Do you have any ad blockers setup? These can sometimes block fonts.
  • Ideally, you would be loading everything over https, so if that’s easy to do on your end, do it.
  • If you can disable the application cache (and don’t need it), uncheck that option in the document inspector.
  • When you have Application cache setup, it is best not to use external fonts from other servers. It should allow you to load external fonts, but you may need to add an asterisk to your manifest file. It looks like this:



Just add a line after NETWORK: with this character: * and see if that fixes it. (More info on this property)

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Thats fantastic @Daniel thanks for the help & advice, don’t have time to test it today but hopefully this will do the trick when i get around to it later in the week! Will repost and close the topic then hopefully!!

Cheers! :coffee: