Font size and commercial license

Hi. Are the fonts listed in the Text panel free for commercial use?

Also, I imported file for a font and set scene size to 4K resolution. The font appears pixelated at 560 px size. Does that mean it will render pixelated? Do I need to search for a different font with bigger sizes available? How to find out what is the biggest size for a font without stretching and pixelation?

Fonts are free to use from this panel because you are not distributing them: you are selecting fonts already on the user's computer.

Make sure you're adjusting the size of the font using the Font size value in the Typography inspector, not the Metrics inspector's 'scale' value. If that's not the case, can you share an example?

Thank you Daniel. Yes, I am using the Typography panel. But it looks like my font of choice can only go upto 288 px and I was making a 4K ‘scene’ with 700 px fonts. So it was getting pixelated. I have made the compromise of making the scene FHD (1080p). I want to use bigger fonts but I also want to make sure they have no ‘embedding restrictions’ so that I can use them commercially. Apple’s Font Book app lets me check that. But it doesn’t let me filter to get a list of all fonts or sort with biggest size. I checked a few randomly, but I don’t think any of them are bigger than 288.

just a very limited part of fonts is pixelbased. 99,9 % are Vectores. so there should not be a pixalated effect. exception as Daniel stated -> have you used any transformation on the Text-Element? There may be a workaround in that case to uncheck webkitacceleration in the documentpanel ...

also: adding a hypedoc showcasing an issue is always a good help for those answering here :slight_smile:

Sorry, I tried but could not upload the .hype file. I have found a workaround, and pasted a link instead.

it's always sharp/crisp on my site ...¿
mOS 12.5, Chrome

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It also looks good to me on macOS 12.5, Safari, with a Retina display.

Two small notes; they might not really apply:

While the font size table only goes up to 288, you can type in any value you want in the size text box. It does look like you found this though..? Maybe that's what you mean by you found a workaround?

It is generally better to make 1080p documents. Retina computers appropriately scale this smoothly to 4k. (There are some situations where this may not be appropriate, but it is rare).