Font setting of H1 H2 ... tags

Hi there !
i’m trying to change the font setting of a H1 tag, but i’m definitely unable to.
It reverts to bold and fixed size of 32pts.
i tried to edit the html inside the element, on the head HTML… doesn’t work.

Any workaround ?

Thank a lot

Did you search true the documentation?

Yes, but as i can’t find it, i think i’m just missing something obvious.
something like this shoud do the trick :
<style type="text/css"> h1 { font-size: 24px;font-weight:normal; } </style>

It all depends what gets read as last with CSS. If you add an !important, does it work then?

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You rock !

The solution is to edit inner html of element and add this
h1 { font-size: 24px!important;font-weight:normal!important; }

the title


Of course, if you place this on the head html, the whole site inherits and one occurence of this code is enough on each size.

i think i’m going to buy a good documentation on CSS, thank you for helping

I bought these back in 2015:

Learn JS&JQ

Only books are a timestamp. :slight_smile: But they look good and trust me in 15 years they are fun to read again. I have this with my older books from 1998 or those from 2005/6. The 1998 was brilliant due to the fact it had a new thing called CSS (released 1996). In 2006 CSS turned into a common usage.

If buying books isn’t your thing. Then use the following websites:

For learning by reading and doing tasks use codeacademy. If you go Pro for a Month or two you can do a Full Path and leave that website a different person. Each sections has exercises that will make you want to quit, cause there are so many. But one can only master true practice.

For learning by video there is for me only one to choose from. Udemy courses. There is a nice one that lets you build 14 websites and get the basics only for 30 dollars.

For reference either use Mozilla’s MDN network or W3Schools. Both are fine, but don’t get lost in the woods of knowledge. It can be distracting to read on. Stay focused.

All in all, learning by doing, François.

What’s great with Hype, is that you have some good renders quite quickly, and it pushes you deeper and deeper into more knowledge, as you encounter new issues…

Thank you again Bendora, i’ll have a try on these.