Font on code and forum (fav) icon

The Icon of the forum has changed into something black and transparent. It is really hard to make out a Forum tab now if multiple tabs are open. Although… I must admit I am running darkmode.

The code view has a very fine font. Not really a code font… I really deeply dislike it, anybody else?

Was there a discourse update?


The black tab is the forum… the colorful Hype icons are project previews.

Sorry about that - I think you may have a temporary favicon cached -- you should be able to get the new one if you ⌘ + shift + r

Not all browsers support dark mode favicons, unfortunately :first_quarter_moon:

The font for code is:

Was there something else that you'd prefer?

Browsers support Dark Mode favicons?

...looks like an SVG hack, but Safari has a problem. Is that what you mean?

Yeah, even though Apple pioneered some aspects of dark mode

This is how the code now looks on my end:

Yeah that doesn't look good :frowning:

Are you blocking Google fonts in your browser? Here's how this post looks for me: Scale HypeScenes and resize HypeDoc proportional to windowwidth

Not that I am aware. This is on my old MacBook Pro but I haven't changed anything there. AdBlocker is off… this is my console in Chrome. In Safari it is okay? Weird…

I'm not sure about the thin font weight, but I do see that the coloring/bolding is different in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Safari's rendering is definitely the most preferable.

I can't reproduce the manifest errors; it looks like your browser might have some preference set to be stricter than usual? Can you try going to chrome://flags/ and using reset all, as well as temporarily disabling any exceptions, and see if that helps after a relaunch?

I don't see this anymore. Does it have proper coloring on Safari/Chrome/Firefox to others now too?