Font changing on page refresh using Firefox (21.6 KB)

I’ve added Open Sans to a document through the resource window and it displays correctly most of the time. But using Firefox, Windows 10, it displays correctly when the page loads but if the page is refreshed it changes to a serif font, (possibly Times New Roman).

Any advice on solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

In your font_test.hyperesources/cache.manifest file (generated automatically by Hype), the font file cannot be found so on reload the browser is looking in the cache for the font file, can’t find it, and falls back to the browser default.

To fix this, you’ll need to disable ‘create offline application cache’ in the document inspector. This is unfortunately incompatible with fonts loaded from the network.

One alternative you have is to download the webfont kit:, which will allow the font file to be cached if it exists in the resources library as an actual file.