Font and Text not appearing in HTML 5

I'm new to Hype, and am trying to create animated HTML 5 ads. When I put text into my ad (using the text tool) it will not show when I preview my ad, or export to HTML 5. I'm using a google font called Assistant. I've also tried Arial and nothing is working. How do I fix this?


Does it appear when previewing normally from Hype? Does your ad network support Google Fonts and allow them to appear? Do you see any errors in the browser's console?

If you can share a preview URL or a sample document that would be great.

After a lot of trail and error, it appears to be an issue when I copy and paste text from another program. If I key in the text it fixes this issue.

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You can always just look at what you are pasting in Hype. Click the little pen tool below a rectangle to see if it's only the text that was entered or if there is additional HTML and styling in the paste (my guess).

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