Folder to contain all elements seems to negate timeline cues for opacity etc

Hi everyone,
I’ve made interactive explainers at The Conversation in the past using Hype (see here and here).
Initially I used a container and js responsive resizer, and then – as with these last two – started making all different breakpoints using Hype itself (which was more time consuming but delivered much better results). The best way to do this, I’ve found, is to put all elements into a master folder, resize it to the logical breakpoint width, and then move whatever elements you need to to make it work on each screen size. About a day’s work, but worth it.
I’ve just finished a mobile version of a pretty large (and unfortunately embargoed) timeline based project, and as I started to do this again, I have found that as soon as I pop everything in a master folder, my timeline cues for almost everything goes out the window and I just get a deluge of elements.
Is this a known issue with any updates? I honestly don’t want to have to go through and manually resize every element, and I’ve found Hype’s flexible layout toggles for b/g to be a bit… unpredictable.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Can you clarify what you mean by this? Are all elements in a group and it is causing issues with timelines?

If you’re able to put together a simple example that you can share with us that would be great.

Thanks Daniel, yes - I mean grouping all elements in a timeline in a folder, and it’s causing issues. I’ll try to make a simple example that will hopefully replicate the issue (unless this clarifies anything for your up front).

If you are talking about resize and pinning. It apply to the next fixed size wrapper (aka folder) up the inheritance chain. Meaning if you set up your resize behavior on a flexible stage and everything lines up nicely and then group it all … the group in Hype has a fixed size out of the box. You would have to recreate the conditions of the stage on the group. Scale it to stage size and set the flexible bars on the group. But I’m not sure if that is what you are having problems with.

Another this you can do is use symbols and place them where you need and scale them differently in each breakpoint layout. This also can save much work.

Hope it helps.

Thanks MaxZieb, I think – from what you are saying – that is exactly what I generally do to create different breakpoints. The problem I’m having is the wrapper/folder is now negating a lot of the already organised in/out, opacity etc points I’ve already created. Thanks for your help though!