Focus on the special effects of The Poseidon Adventure movie

Hello to everyone. here is my last job (the first actually). I learned Hype in about 2 weeks and this is my first result. I hope you like it. I’m sorry but the texts are only in Italian. In any case it’s a multimedia presentation of how the special effects of the movie The Poseidon Adventure were made.

I hope I can improve with the next presentation. I also think I’ll start studying Javascript! Any comments are welcome!


One thing I would do is speed the intro up.

I went and made a cup of tea while it was animating into place…:wink::grin:

Over all I like it… brings it back for me


Hello MarkHunte,
in effect the intro is so too long. I’ll should fix it better! Thank you for feedback!

I would make my own text scrubber, the build in one is just not looking good in most situations.:no_mouth:

I used a rounded square in my example but you can use anything, in your case you could use a tiny image of a boat if you like, and even animate it on mouse over wobbling up and down.

Also your sound is no longer working… (87.0 KB)

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Thank you very much!