Flow rate for dash based lines (using stroke-dashoffset)

Based on the great and very informative work by @h_classen! See …

The premise:

Would be a nice-to-have feature if the speed of the dash lines changes according to local regions, but it seems it would be a bit much for the dash line logic, to be honest.

Version based on CSS variables

I played around using animations and symbols, masked by group overflow hidden. It doesn't have a dynamic aspect that would react to a slider, though… flow-rate.hype.zip (21,4 KB)

CleanShot 2021-12-10 at 19.11.10


cool :slight_smile:

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Version based on Hype Animation Frame

CleanShot 2021-12-11 at 01.20.55

flow-rate-animationframe.hype.zip (24,5 KB)


great work Max! added it to the grafic ... :slight_smile:

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@h_classen Thanks, love that is part of your publication

Version based on proximity

flow-rate-animationframe-proximity.hype.zip (102,1 KB)

I used the iPad to draw some lines with the pen tool (I hardly usually the tool). Hype is fun that way:


Yes! "Sidecar" shows what Hype running on the iPad might look like. I'm guessing an iPad Pro easily has the necessary processing power and the UI controls seem to scale.