Flip with backface hiding (CSS)

Inspired by a recent post by @Photics, I just applied the "backface hidden" CSS. It is very valuable and should be a toggle in Hype.

FlippingCards.hype.zip (19,2 KB)


I was going to mention that when I posted the video on the forums. Heh, but now that this is here, I think I'll wait a little longer. :smile:

I'm glad you like the technique. backface-visibility really should be a toggle in Hype.

Maybe it wasn't included because of backward compatibility with Internet Explorer… but that shouldn't be a problem with Hype 5 …or maybe it's just one of those cool features that just got missed.

The compatibility is very strong, so it does seem like something that should be included with Hype.

I think the concern might be that Tumult doesn't want the panes to get too cluttered. I'm not sure how to fix that problem. Perhaps there's an "Advanced Mode" or sections in a pane could be collapsible.

Although, another checkbox under “Rotation follows motion path” doesn't seem too radical. It could look nice actually.


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